Press Quotes


…speaks quietly to our hearts and sets fire to our minds.
— Autostraddle

An evocative panorama of exceptional talent
-– SF Examiner 

A show of intense skill and heart – the kind you often long for but rarely find.
— Hiya Swanhuyser, former editor of SF Weekly

Queer Rebel Productions is shaking out the rugs under which the histories of queer people of color have been swept.
— Golden Gate Xpress

Visual alchemy, fabulous feminist story-telling, and something deemed “hyper-literate busking” abound at 2012’s Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance festival
— SF Bay Guardian

The roster of artists affiliated with the Queer Rebels, is lengthy, distinguished, varied, and feverishly awesome. By drawing from the expressionistic legacies of the period, these queer creatives, entrepreneurs, and all-around ferocious entities are reclaiming/redefining the frequency of art and activism. How could I not lose my heart to them?

It was very uplifting, to witness people whose struggles go back for centuries rising up with pride.
— Inkblot

They don’t spend as much time refuting age-old stereotypes as they do building a vision of what empowered queer women can be. They create new, honest narratives that express our hurt and encompass our joy.
— Autostraddle

A vibrant call to visibility by modern voices and icons of African-American artistry, “Queer Rebel Productions” (QRP) aims to embody black identity and queer culture in the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance.
— Wildgender

The Queer Rebels acknowledge the suffering ingrained in our histories and the way that has shaped our identities. They also give power to the idea that we are more than that.
— Autostraddle

In the process of creating and sharing, The Queer Rebels balance the dynamic tension that is necessary to our existence. They acknowledge the duality that we live with as queer women of color in America: colonized bodies and minds lifting each other toward liberation in a world founded in our histories and built up by our imaginations.
— Autostraddle