A beautiful show of intense skill and heart – the quality you always hope for and rarely find.

— Hiya Swanhuyser, SF Weekly

Queer Rebels is one of the most powerful, important, innovative, moving projects I’ve ever
seen in the Bay Area. Thank you!”

— Sean Dorsey, Artistic Director of Fresh Meat Productions

Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance is the best show in San Francisco all year, hands down. I have learned, laughed and cried more at this event than any other. 10!!!! It is a great vehicle to catalyze and mediate so much necessary information and passion.

— Romy White

This show is phenomenal & trailblazing, groundbreaking and essential Black/African American
celebration of art, performance, and fun.
— Tina D’Elia, Actress

This show is amazing & thoughtful, but most important – urgent! Much needed! More, please –
it’s beautiful & artful, LOVE this show!
— Rose Tully, WritersCorps instructor

The performances are riotously humorous, boldly truthful, and beautiful narratives.

Transformative. Thank you so much for the space & opportunity to hear important stories that
are rarely shared.

Exciting, riveting, mind blowing. I was taken through a range of emotions, from sorrow to
laughter. Through the brilliant performances, I was allowed to rejoice the shadows and bask in
the light that is his/herstory. ♥
— AD

Very beautiful, powerful, well curated and extremely moving/poignant. This really raises the
bar of queer arts performance and organizing.
— JD

Inspiring to connect with such a fertile period of artistic explosion and to know it still resonates today.
— CB

Because of its niche (e.g. I’ll support queer voices period), this performance could have
been simply adequate and still have a following. However, it goes far beyond its minimum
requirements to present dynamic, unique, thoughtful, well-crafted pieces that scintillate the
senses & intellect.
— ES

Fabulous, fierce, fiery, fantastic!
— VC

Great production quality. One of the best at National Queer Arts Festival. Great space. Quality
work, superb artists.
— KM

A collage and collision of talent!
— PM

People, this is my church! Praise you all.
— MM

This show is beautiful, inspiring, and heart-breaking. I wish I could show it to the world.
— MK

Thank you for validating that the material may be triggering – it was. The best art evokes a visceral reaction; this did it for me.
— SA

Wow! This was so powerful and sincere. I am totally impressed, blown off my feet, and inspired. Thank you!
— AR

Excellent, intense, educational art. Brave and beautiful.
— SK

Real. Raw. Refreshing. About damn time!