The Artists and Performers of Queer Rebels Festival 2019!

Carolyn Wysinger

René Vaz


Greg Pond

Alexa Burrell

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

AhSa-Ti Nu

Scout Tran


LaFemme Bear

Nori Reed

MC: Black Benatar aka Beatrice Thomas

Héctor Zavala

The 2018 Lineup

Arisa White

Europa Grace

Tijanna O. Eaton

Faluda Islam

Dawn Rudd

Dazié Rustin Grego-Sykes

Jai Lei Yee

AhSa-Ti Nu

Eki Shola

Baruch Porras Hernandez

Tina Kashiwagi

MC: Black Benatar aka Beatrice Thomas

Queer Rebel Productions: our mission is to showcase queer and trans artists of color, connect generations, and honor our histories with art for the future.