11/12/2014 – Queer Rebels presents ANCIENT FUTURE films at the 27th MIX NYC Festival

Queer Rebels presents ANCIENT FUTURE films at the 27th MIX NYC Festival!
November 12, 2014 @ 7:30 pm
337 Butler Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

ANCIENT FUTURE: From a queer apocalyptic land, to a 70 year-old bodybuilder, to a young girl fleeing Iran at night, what does our collective future/freedom look like? ANCIENT FUTURE is irreverent, rejecting exotification – and paying homage to the wisdom of our ancestors and homelands. ANCIENT FUTURE – we claim it queer with these cosmic creations.

Guest curator:

About Queer Rebels: Artists KB Boyce and Celeste Chan founded Queer Rebels in 2008. Their vision: break down doors for queer/trans artists of color, connect generations, and honor our histories with art for the future. www.queerrebels.com and www.facebook.com/QRProductions —KB Boyce & Celeste Chan, guest curators.

Desert Lullabies

Monely Soltani
2014, USA, video, color, sound, 15 min, NY Premiere
One magical full moon night, Tara and her mother must flee Iran through the desert, in search of freedom, and with hope for a more liberated life but first, they must let go, unite and let the knowledge of their ancestors guide them.

Keep It In, Keep It Out

Wizard Apprentice
2014, USA, video, color, sound, 2 min, World Premiere
“There’s so many realities….to navigate at any given moment.” “Keep It In, Keep It Out” is the title track from Wizard Apprentice’s newest album, due to be released in Fall/Winter of 2014.


Lares Feliciano
2011, USA, video, color, sound, 6 min, NY Premiere
This experimental animation introduces the audience to two queer characters struggling with the aftermath of apocalyptic disaster. What does ‘the end of the world’ really mean? How might we radically ‘queer’ our relationship to the earth in the face of human-caused destruction?  

Words of Sonny

2014, USA, video, color, sound, 3 min, NY Premiere
“People have the misconception that age makes you old,” says Sonny, a 70 year-old African American bodybuilder. Set to an experimental soundtrack, this film is a meditation on aging and mortality.

Finding Home

Celeste Chan
2014, USA, video, color, sound, 5 min, NY Premiere
What histories do we inherit, and what do we need to create? This film is an unfinished question.

We Come From Earth, We Come From Space

Black Salt Collective
2014, video, color, sound, 7 min, NY Premiere
Sarah Sass Biscarra-Dilley, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Grace Rosario Perkins, and Adee Roberson. Black Salt embodies cultural and contemporary narratives. The work is cultural, but not “cultural” in the anthropological sense of the word, as cultural art is often seen through a Western lens. Black Salt calls on ancestral and embodied knowledge with the intention of creating a vibrant future in which complex identities can coexist. Originally a performance component, “We Come from Earth, We Come from Space” features footage from six hours of tape filmed on location throughout the Southwest and the homesites of one member. Black Salt Collective’s upcoming web based project will use non-linear and experimental narratives to create a working archive exploring themes such as creation stories, language, memory, and ritual. Music by Mother Popcorn and Jeepneys.

Molten Tea

Laura Kim
2014, USA, video, color, sound, NY Premiere
A cosmic romance uncharted as the infinity of the universe: “I set the controls for the heart of the universe, You broke down near a shanty town…”

ABSENCE: no fats, no femmes, no Asians

Celeste Chan
2014, USA, video, color, sound, 7 min, NY Premiere
Fiercely honest, ABSENCE is a quest – for community, for visibility, for that queer fat API femme-utopia.

We are Mangos

Jeepneys & Low Leaf
2014, USA, video, color, sound, 4 min, NY Premiere
Jeepneys and Low Leaf, cosmic parrot sisters of the infinince, forever frolicking upon the nebular fields of the many dimensions we inhabit, intersect heartminds and find a universe of creatures. Together they dance joyfully between the folds of space and time. Low Leaf, an eternally expansive being, Earth’s beloved fairy swung from a crescent moon, beacon of divine ancestoric light force! As she climbs the palm tree of divine destiny she meets Jeepneys on the other side. Jeepneys, the alien bird mestiza, whose laughter creates stars across a void. Eyeing each other through the pyramid of palms, they see that they have been together since before the beginning of time. WE DO NoT PLACE ANY HIERARCHY TO TIME NOR SPACE NOR FLESH. OUR GARDENS LIVE ON METEORS AND MOONS. WE GIVE BIRTH TO UNIVERSES AND THEY GIVE BIRTH TO US.